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Chevassus Family


     It was 2004.  A young couple was sitting in a cafe at Whitworth college. This was the "define the relationship talk" and Beau, an eccentric Theology and Theatre student, really liked Liz, a rather attractive nursing student. But ever since Beau was 13 years old, he'd been called to missions. Door after door had opened, confirmation after confirmation.  But now here was this girl who he greatly cared for. Would she say "yes" to being his girlfriend after being told his future may not be the most stable? 

     Fast forward to 2007. Married. Ireland. Sierra Leone. Mexico. Two beautiful girls.  Wherever God opens a door, the Chevassus will go.

     With adaptability, adventure, and God's love as the catalyst, Beau and Liz Chevassus take their knowledge of story-crafting and medical service to where God needs them most.

     Let's go!

24-February 10, 2024-P2799198-Beau_Chevassus.jpg

The Chevassus in WA State


Beau making friends in Taipei, Taiwan


Founder of Knok Studio

President of Beau, LLC

Amazon Seller and Influencer

BJJ Instructor with Kalos Agon

     Beau is an entrepreneur and missionary. After founding Knok Studio, Beau has traveled to over 34 countries helping missionaries, churches, and charities to spread their message through video and media. He has worked in Hollywood, NBC Sports, and is passionate about building God's Kingdom through story-telling. This year he will be completing his 1st 1/2 Iron Man!



Registered Nurse
Supervisor at St. Elizabeth

Homeschool Teacher

     Liz is a hospital supervisor and homeschool mom. She loves to learn other languages, especially Spanish, and enjoys staying active. Her favorite thing is to say "yes!" when asked to come help with missions.


Liz and the girls in Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Lucy in Tacna, Peru


Gymnast, Ballerina, Martial Artist

     Lucy loves to draw, read, dance, and spend time with her cousins. She has traveled to 11 countries! This year, Lucy helped teach self defense to kids in Peru.



Gymnast, Ballerina, Martial Artist

     Penny loves to write, read, and do art projects. She loves traveling with her cousins! This year, Penny helped create a Christian track in Khmer and shared it with a women in Cambodia. 

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