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Dean Family

Tom and Carrie Dean met like most medical couples do, over a dying patient.  Quite a romantic story - we'll tell you about it sometime.  

After falling in love, we got married four months later.  God has led us on some amazing adventures.  We first started going on short term medical missions trips in 2006, when we met the Warren / Prados down in Guatemala.  We pretty consistently went to Guatemala for years with the Warren / Prados and other families and started leading groups down there, too. 

God eventually called us into adoption and my wife and I first adopted four lovely kids from Ukraine in 2012.  They are Anya, Maksym, Oksana, and Bogdan.  19 days after bringing them home to America, we had our biologic son, Wyatt.  

During the years after, we were heavily involved in the hosting process for Ukrainian orphans.  Somewhere along the line, we met Brian Hiller and ... well the rest is history.  We fell in love with his heart for mission work that so dovetailed with ours.  And then we met Juliette, Beau, and Liz and we became the ChevaDillers!  It's like we came together to form Voltron.  A Great Commission Voltron.  If that's a thing.

In the intervening years, we adopted two more kids from Ukraine, Vadym and Erika.  Most of our children have been on mission trips with us, with some coming multiple (or many many) times.  

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